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Automatic circuit board scheme coloring and/or text list generation.
Technical details:
PCBColorizer is a small freeware application that can perform automatic scheme coloring of circuit boards using a color wheel scheme. It also supports a text list that will list all the components associated with an activated scheme. This utility can be used as a complement to software like EAGLE to make the PCB manufacturing process more efficient.
Using this application, one can get a list of all the parts associated with the specified scheme and color them. Moreover, a blank scheme can also be given for a circuit board, in which case all the components will be colored in the same color as the background, or the default color. For more details, refer to the “Color Wheel” tab.
When the PCB type is set, one may choose a theme, which will depend on the type. Any color may be assigned for text schemes and the color wheel color wheel will be displayed.
Note: Certain colors of pcb parts depend on the color selection, and a scheme may not be correctly assigned to a circuit board. Please verify if the PCB color is set in EAGLE, and that the circuit board matches the theme.
Related software for circuit boards
Related software for circuit boards“Our place is out of the way of the busy, busy, urban world,” explained Kazeem, who has lived on the island for 12 years with her two children, six-year-old Umeed and four-year-old Ibraheem. Umeed, a big boy with a round, happy face and big brown eyes, is a regular at the local florist and grocery store. “He’s in the kitchen making salads most of the time,” she said.

Kazeem often weaves Umeed’s favorite rainbow macaroni design into a business model, she explains. “We don’t have enough land,” she said. “We just have our island. What can I do on this island that I can’t do anywhere else in America?”

Umeed travels to a local pre-school, she shops at the store in the carport and at the weekend, Kazeem said, she cooks elaborate meals, such as a beet, goat cheese and walnut pie.

So for the children, the island is theirs. Umeed told me that “it�

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Pokki is a tool that adds easy access to web-based apps to the Windows 8 Start Menu, as well as to the Taskbar. Using the tool, you can save time looking for your favorite programs and browse to them with a click.
Pokki Features:
A third-party utility that gives you quick access to all the web-based apps you use often, such as Gmail, Facebook, YouTube and more.
Create Taskbar Shortcuts:
Pin web-based apps to the Start Menu and quickly launch them directly from the Start screen, customize them and even rename them.
Run Multiple Apps at Once:
Pin as many web-based apps as you need to the taskbar. Just drag the app icon to the Start screen and then to a space in the taskbar.
Full Control Over Existing Apps:
Configure individual settings for each pinned app, change app launcher order, add Taskbar Shuffle functionality and use a variety of date and time formats for your countdown settings.
Other Features:
Send Message to Pinned Apps:
This option allows you to send specific messages to specific pinned apps.
Fixed size app launcher icon:
This fixes the annoying long app launcher icon issue in Windows 8.
Color Picker:
This option allows you to easily change the color of your Windows 8 taskbar.
Integrated Search:
Search for apps, files and websites in Pokki’s app store.
Filtering allows you to search for selected apps in Pokki’s App Store.
Customize Taskbar Appearance:
The color, size, position of your Taskbar and the layout of its apps can be customized with a few easy steps.
Support OSX:
Pokki is also available for Mac OSX, making it one of the first “Universal” PC apps to make the transition over to Mac users.
You can now pin your favorite web-based apps to the Mac’s Dock.
With Pokki, you can instantly launch a web-based app, a web page or even full websites.
Pokki can also launch native Mac apps by dragging them to the icon in the Dock.
This means no more double-clicking to open your favorite website or web-based app, as you just drag the icon onto the site, page or app that you want to access.
You can also pin any web-based app directly to the home screen, or quickly launch a web-based app or

Start For Windows

Start Description: is an extremely useful tool for Linux users. Since it is free, anyone can use it to easily and quickly obtain detailed information about his or her Linux distribution without having to open numerous websites. offers you an unassailable, direct way to access your Linux distribution’s home page, as well as basic information regarding the distribution, such as hardware and package versions, binary, source and support links, and software repositories.
You can view information regarding recent version updates as well as which distributions have been created by this particular person or company.
Furthermore, the user can be offered a series of technical features, such as the order of boot, the list of installed software packages, information about installed packages, memory usage, and more. provides an efficient function to search for particular information, such as an application’s program name, ID, or version number.
You can use this utility for very precise searches, as you don’t have to open a multitude of websites in order to locate the information you want.
What’s more, you can check whether your system is configured to work with UPnP, SHOUTcast, or Icecast as well as which technology is used to implement it.
And remember, all this, while you’re chatting and playing your favorite games in the corner of your PC!
A powerful application that is free to use
As mentioned earlier, is a very flexible and powerful tool, enabling you to obtain any information you want, in just a few clicks.
There are several limitations, however, as was originally designed as a personal tool, and it lacks a few functions. The most serious drawback is that it is not always possible to retrieve the values of certain parameters, such as system information or installed libraries, since they have not been kept inside the file.
You can use with various operating systems, including: Microsoft Windows, Linux, Solaris, and Mac OS X.
What’s more, you can download the source code directly from the developer’s website and compile it yourself, if you choose to use it instead.
No more flashbacks
Thanks to this application, you can easily access information about the remote or local hosts you are logged into.
As you may know, a socket is a protocol that enables a pair of computers to communicate with one another. Additionally, each computer has a socket, and this enables the user to access information from the Internet

What’s New In?

Start Description is a program you can use to display a text for a few seconds before going to the next screen. It is called after you reach a certain point in the main interface of the application.
For example, it is used when you want to show a startup banner or make a window appear in the Task Manager.
If you need to only display a splash screen for a while, then this program is exactly what you need.
AutoStart is a small but functional utility that has been developed to allow you to monitor and control application start-up automatically.
Once it’s installed and launched, the program creates a tray icon that displays the current status of the applications and settings.
You can configure it to launch a new application, reboot, lock your PC or do nothing.
There are numerous settings available to control the details of the program’s startup. You can also remove the option to close the application’s window, which can be a pity for some users.
Evaluation and conclusion
The program allows you to launch a new application or reboot, lock your PC or do nothing as requested in the startup. There are also several other useful parameters to adjust its appearance, such as its icons, background image or system tray icon.
Object Manager is a utility that helps you to easily manage your files. It features thumbnail preview, drag-and-drop file operations and files search by extension.
The application is a standalone application that comes as a portable version. It can be put on a USB flash drive or any other portable device to use it directly without installation.
After the program finishes loading, the interface appears, with three sections: folders, files and groups.
A file or folder can be selected for preview. It can be moved between the groups and the thumbs displayed can be changed. File management can be applied to several groups, which is implemented with a handy menu.
OFT is a tool that allows you to convert an audio file into a MP3 file. It is available in one-click, drag-and-drop mode.
Another cool thing about this tool is its ability to perform batch conversions. Using this tool is very simple, with just a few clicks you can arrange your music collection into separate files with an MP3 extension.
Evaluation and conclusion
The app is available in two types: one-click for users to convert a single music file to MP3, and batch mode that enables you to apply the conversion to many files in one go. It offers a wide

System Requirements:

Linux (All versions)
Minimum Specifications
Windows (All versions)
Minimum Requirements
Mac OS (All versions)
Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, or Edge
Version 12 or later
Internet access
Size: 3.5GB

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